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Best Interests Assessor Refresher via Webinar

Published: Monday 04 May 2020

The Best Interests Refresher (2 sessions) * Session 1 – What is a deprivation of Liberty?* 1) Revisiting DoLS: Legislation and Underpinning Case Law 2) DoLS Case Law update 3) DoLs Guidance and Coronavirus 4) DoLS in Hospitals (touching on the MHA/MCA interface) Session 2 - Completing a Best Interests Assessment (with reference to case law) 5) Assessing Best Interests 6)Realistic risk appraisals 7)Proportionality 8)Recommendations and Conditions 9) Choosing an RPR

The Cost of the Course is £100/-

Dates: Weekdays 15th May 1-4, and 22nd May 1-4 12th June 10-1, and 19th June 10-1 3rd July 10-1, and 10th July 10-1 Weekends 16th May 1-4, and 23rd May 1-4 13th June 10-1, and 20th June 10-1

To register for the Course, please contact me at

About the Trainer: My name is Melba Gomes. I have been a Best Interests Assessor since 2009. I was the chair of the London MCA/DoLS network early into DoLS coming into force. I have been working in the field for the last 12years. I was a DoLS authoriser/signatory from 2009 to 2019 and in that role I have quality assured assessments and identified learning for BIAs. I have also previously provided BIA Refreshers Training. I have attended the Court of Protection in relation to DoLS challenges. In me, as a Trainer, you have someone who is in the frontline, currently working in the NHS and like you, I am also a practicing BIA...

I can as well provide a BIA refresher and MCA/Safeguarding related training and workshops to teams, please get in touch to discuss