Mental Capacity in Practice

"What good looks like"

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Published: Monday 04 January 2021

* Some Course Content *

The content for this resource is large. It is a learning resource and guide to help with understanding and practice and will be made available to the subscriber for up to a year from date of subscription. You can pace yourself, take your time to absorb the learning

Barriers to implementation of the MCA (Podcast)

What do the SARs tell us about MCA and What good looks like (Podcast) Suzy Braye

Setting the Context (Quiz)

What Judges want to see Principle 1 to Principle 5 (Video) (Alex Ruck Keene)

* Applying Principle 1 in practice * Exercise

Applying Principle 2 in practice - Practicable steps guide Melba Gomes - What 'Good' Looks like Gail Dee

Applying Principle 3 in practice
- Case discussion between practitioners (Video) - * Inherent Jurisdiction* (Video) Alex Ruck Keene - Interview with a client living a Chaotic Lifestyle (Video)
- Capacity/Unwise decisions/Risk Appraisal (Slides) Melba Gomes - Some ways to work with a person who is making unwise decisions (podcast) Melba Gomes - New Case Added -* Interface MHA/MCA/Care Act*

Principles 4 and 5 in practice Capacity Determinations - What Judges want to see (Video) Alex Ruck Keene Fluctuating Capacity - What judges want to see (Video) Alex Ruck Keene

Mental Capacity Assessments and Best Interests Decision Making Arthur Mental Capacity Assessment: Interview (Podcast) and Summing Up (Video)Steve Chamberlene Linda: Mental Capacity Assessment (Case study) and Summing Up (Video) Steve Chamberlene Constance: Mental Capacity Assessment: Interview (Video) and summing up (Video), also Contrasting Linda and Constance (Video) Steve Chamberlene Constance: Best interests (Video) Steve Chamberlene Joan Mental Capacity Assessment: Treatment: Interview (Video) and summing Up (Video) Steve Chamberlene

Least Restrictions and Proportionality (case example) Melba Gomes